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Friday, July 29, 2016

trump in an Alternate Universe

I'm not sure what universe trump lives in but it sure isn't the one I live in.  Little that he says has any resemblance to the real world, the one most of us know.  Even trump's supporters, if they really think about it, put aside there fear and prejudice would have to admit that his view of the world is hopelessly warped.

He seems to think that the United States of America is a weak, failed state.  The rest of the world knows that we are strong and look to us to defend them.  True, trump's friend Putan would like to weaken us, take over as number one and if trump were to win he might have a chance for little trumpy is hopelessly out classed in world affairs by even the weakest foreign leader.

He seems to think that our nation is so dangerous we are all afraid to leave our homes.  While it is true that some communities do have a problem with crime those are often minority communities, communities in which trump has little interest.  Now, I am an old lady, I don't live in gated community but I do live in a senior community.  Sure, we do have the occasional break in, things stolen from unlocked cars but am I afraid to go out alone after dark to take a walk?  No!  That's another thing little trumpy doesn't understand, Americans are not a paranoid, fearful people.  There has always been crime and there always will be but we do not live in fear.

He thinks that our President isn't interested in protecting us from terrorism.  Strange, it seems that it was the Obama administration that tracked down and killed Bin Laden,  it has been the Obama administration that has been systematically tracking down and killing terrorist leaders for years.

I know that the economy is not what we would like, that many people can't find full time work or work commensurate with their experience and education.  Does anyone really think that trumpy would change that?  He's the firer not a hirer.  When Obama became president the children of many of my friends were unemployed, now the have jobs.   I see "now hiring" signs in local stores and read that places like Starbucks and Walmart are raising wages.

I think that living in his Ivory Tower little trumpy has little knowledge of the world the rest of us live in but he is the master of manipulation.  This old lady has no intention of being manipulated (well, maybe buy my grandson, but he's special).


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  1. This is excellent, Martha. I've admired your recent FaceBook posts and wish I were as articulate. Have you tried linking to these posts from your FaceBook page? (Maybe you already have and I didn't notice.)