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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It's a Woman Thing.

I know, little trumpy will use Hillary's pneumonia as another excuse to say she is not "tough enough"  to be president.  It is a common prejudice of men to call women the weaker sex.  Weaker?

 Ok, maybe women don't have the muscles that men do but what they do have is endurance.  They have to.  They spend nine months carrying another person around inside their bodies and another 12 to 24 months carrying that person around on their hips, back or front.  In many parts of the world women travel miles to get water and wood which they haul home on backs or heads for their families.

When a woman is sick most don't have the luxury of staying in bed.  Women routinely get out of a sick bed to feed their families and do household chores.  They pop a few aspirin or Tylenol tablets so that they can get the kids to school, shop for groceries and run other necessary errands.

In many households women work eight hours at paying jobs (usually earning less than a man).  When they get home they then make dinner, do laundry, clean house and care for the kids.  Too often the big, tough man is sitting in front of the tube.

Perhaps that is why Hillary kept going, saying nothing, it's just what women do.  It's a woman thing.

Before you guys get your knickers in a twist, I know, many men get up and go to work when they are under the weather, but would trumpy?  I doubt it.

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