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I would like this to be a forum for political and social thought. I would like to try to keep it civil. That can be difficult as people, myself included, usually feel strongly about these issues. I will try not to be insulting though insult is often in the eye of the beholder.

Maybe no one will ever read this but me, maybe it will just turn out to be my private journal. We'll see.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

trump--Ventriloquist's Dummy?

I've been watching little trumpy give some speeches lately.  I find it interesting that the man who used to ridicule others now uses written speeches to look presidential.  Who writes these speaches?  These speaches sure don't sound like trumpy. 

When there is no teleprompter available he runs his finger down the page so as not to lose his place, rather like we did in elementary school  when first learning how to read.  Is he afraid if he diverges from the text give by his handlers that they will get angry with him and scold him?  We know that trumpy doesn't like criticism, it brings out the worst in him.

So I wonder, if trumpy is elected which would we get, the ventriloquist's dummy parroting the thoughts of others or the real dummy?

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