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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trump as the Wizard of Oz

"Don't look at the man behind the curtain, look over there!"

Remember that line from the Wizard of Oz, when Toto pulled down the curtain revealing the Wizard as a fraud?  That's what little trumpy reminds me of.  He doesn't want us to look at his faults, he wants us to look at Hillary instead.

In truth, everything he says about Clinton is true of trumpy in spades!  What we know of his business dealings are all bad, bankruptcies, lawsuits, shady characters as partners.  He doesn't reveal his taxes which might shed light of his business practices.  He inflates the significance of minor transgressions on the part of Clinton in hopes that no one will pay attention to his major transgressions.

He says Clinton is secretive.  Clinton?  We know all about Clinton and most of it is good.  We know what she stands for, she stands for the little guy, the children.  She has a track record going back years.  Trumpy is late to the party, he has no track record in public policy and he changes his stance from week to week.  We have no idea what we would get with him as president.  We do know that he admires autocrats and himself.  We know that he loves money, his own, and wants more of it.  That seems like a very dangerous combination to me.

Do we really want a con artist, a fraudster as leader of our great nation.  I hope not, what would it say about the United States were we to elect him?  What would it do to our standing in the world?  Make America great?  No, it would make a laughing stock out of this great nation.

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