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Monday, October 31, 2016

Would You Let Trump Remove Your Apendix?

  Governing is a profession, like medicine, dentistry, law, carpentry, plumbing and even business.  Each has its own unique set of skills and they are not interchangeable.  We certainly wouldn't want a novice to do surgery on us and we wouldn't want a builder to build our house just because he lives in one but knows nothing about how it was put together.
  Why, then, do some think that it is a good idea to have a novice run the greatest nation in the world?  A man who by all accounts is not even a very good business man.  Multiple bankruptcies does not give me much confidence in his abilities.  Multiple lawsuits against him in which he plays tricks, deletes emails and looses documents does not give me confidence in his honesty.
  Too be honest, Clinton was not my first choice for president.  She does, with out a doubt possess the skills needed for governing.  Any questions one might have as to her honesty are also true in spades where Trump is concerned. 
  We are not electing our new bff, we are choosing the person with the necessary skills to govern this great country and that person is Hillery Clinton.

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